Toronto Volleyball Centre

Reps & Rallies High School House League

This program will include instruction and skill development and game play led by Head Coach, Josh Gluskin. Focus will be on improvement and fun in a positive environment.

Winter Session: Monday or Tuesday option

Season starts Mon Nov 27 or Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Boys & Girls in Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 that do not play Rep or Club Volleyball.
This is a Co-Ed program. Limited volleyball experience required.




10 Weeks

Mondays or Tuesdays 7:30pm – 9pm

Start Date: Winter session starts Monday November 27 or Tuesday November 21

Duration: 10 weeks
Mon Nov 27- Feb 12
Tues Nov 21- Feb 6

Where: Toronto Volleyball Centre- 75 Carl Hall Rd in The Hangar at Downsview Park

Cost: $300 + HST per participant

Suitability: This program is not for beginners. Some previous volleyball experience and skills are required to ensure that the games are filled with rallies. New participants will be required to do an assessment prior to the season to determine suitability. Winter assessments scheduled TBD

Deep Winter Season to follow. Winter participants will receive priority registration

Get stronger every week

Training Plan

Our House League program will make modifications to ensure that participants are getting the most rallies from the experience. Modifications will include:

– Everyone Sets from position 3 or 2
– No specific positions, everyone rotates
– Everyone plays equal amount of time
– Maximum serving limits. 3 serves in a row per person
– Rally Ball may be introduced by the Coaches to facilitate pass-set-spike volleyball where beneficial
– Coaches may join in and act as setters to give more spiking opportunities to the participants
– Teams fluctuate weekly and we will distribute the participants to target competitive matches while maintaining friend requests and skill levels

To Register

Email Josh at

Spots are limited. Registration links will be sent upon confirmation that the participant is suitable for this program.
Info or Questions: Contact Josh 416-222-3577 or