Toronto Volleyball Centre

Our Philosophy

Uniting the volleyball community

Toronto Volleyball Centre

Our Philosophy

Uniting the volleyball community

Mission & Objective

Our Mission
Toronto Volleyball Centre is dedicated to providing leadership and expertise in the development, delivery and growth of the sport of volleyball.

Our Objective
To unite the volleyball community by making the sport more accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities.

To increase participants’ enjoyment for the sport of volleyball regardless of skill level by providing accessible, inclusive, high-quality programming through various in-house programs and by partnership with established Leagues and Clubs.

Overall Vision for our Instructional Program

Volleyball has given the co-owners of Beach Blast a lifetime of memories, experiences, lessons and friends. Through our many decades of being involved in volleyball we have formed deep beliefs about its value to our society. We both are or have been athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers, club owners, volleyball business owners, operators and fans in the volleyball world. Our experiences guide our programs in the following ways:

  • Sports are an ideal vehicle for learning and teaching. Transferable skills such as effort, focus, leadership, communication, decision making and respect are valuable in all aspects of life.
  • Volleyball is a game. Participants should have FUN while playing it.
  • Play is a wonderful experience for young people to feel joy, learn and develop skills.
  • Skill Development is a process and takes both patience & time.
  • Successful athletes enjoy the journey of Growth not only the destination of Winning.
  • Volleyball is a challenging game to learn at any age, especially for young kids, but solutions exist to make it FUN- which we equate with RALLIES!
  • Not every athlete will take the same path, but opportunities should exist to play sports at every level: recreationally, house league, competitive, rep, elite, high performance, post-secondary and professionally. Having more people play the sport of volleyball, on any surface, at every level, for as long as possible is always our vision!
  • Coaches have a significant influence on volleyball, as it is less frequently played outside of organized situations than many other sports. Organizations, coaches, parents and athletes should be educated on the stages of athlete development and deemphasize winning.
  • Competing or Wanting to Win is a great value, however, not at all costs.
  • Playing any team sport is a valuable experience. Having common goals and shared experiences can create strong bonds. Making new friends that last a lifetime, what better outcome exists?
  • Volleyball is a unique sport. Team play is truly required for success. In many sports, one player can do almost everything and the game looks like a mini version of the pros. In basketball, one player can dribble, shoot, rebound, defend and the game happens. In hockey, the boards keep the puck in play and one player can stick handle, shoot, score, steal the puck and repeat. Volleyball is not like those sports. You must share in volleyball for the game to be three contacts (pass- set -hit). At young ages, that often means more opportunities for errors.

Sport Science and Research has evolved tremendously and the new Long Term Development model for volleyball will be released in 2021 from Volleyball Canada. We look forward to reading it.

In practical terms, what this information means is all our programs will be designed to achieve the outcomes we seek using positive energy, language and activities.

We want all our participants to have fun, learn and develop. We teach players to believe that:

1. they can improve
2. it takes time to develop
3. taking risks and making errors are an integral part of this growth process.

We allow every athlete to gain self-confidence and feel valued. We guide people to self-realization and teach not only how to do it but why.

Athletes will connect hard work and effort with results. Players will learn to demonstrate respect for themselves and others. We provide all the participants with opportunities to lead. Each individual must learn to cope with losing and celebrate success- which does not mean WINNING.

We want every participant to continue to play volleyball for life.